Liability Protection for Water Providers

Liability Protection for Water Providers

As a water treatment company, entire communities and ecosystems rely on your promise to deliver clean water without a snag. Not only that, but your employees expect a working environment reasonably free from accidents and chemical hazards. Some of the more dangerous risks associated with your operation include:

  • Employee drowning
  • Slips and falls
  • Exposure to chlorine or hydrogen sulfide gas

In addition to the risks these employees may face, the water coming and out of your treatment plant has to potential to pass toxin or bacteria to those who consume the product. If your plant isn’t effectively treating the water, E Coli, infectious diseases, and chemicals can get passed through human bodies and wildlife. The experts at recommend a water treatment insurance policy that can help protect your business from claims associated with injury, harm, or damage.

When you work with a provider that is able to offer water treatment coverage, they are able to make inclusions in your policy that standard industry providers might not. This is often the case for issues with mold, corrosives, bacteria, and legionella. These are dangerous areas of exposure for a treatment facility and should be included in any risk assessment plan. Be sure that your policy will include these areas as well as those of general liability, product liability, pollution liability, and completed operations liability. A broker can give you a comprehensive assessment and recommend coverage accordingly.

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