Liability Concerns for Media

Liability Concerns for Media

Media liability insurance is designed to protect media outlets from expensive third-party liability claims, which is probably more prevalent than you think. Source: Keep reading if you think you should be concerned.

Types of Claims

There are several types of liability claims that can arise as a result of publicly distributed information. Some of the most common types of claims include plagiarism, defamation, copyright infringement and invasion of privacy.

What Do Claims Entail

  • Plagiarism: This happens when someone takes your work and presents it as their own, even if it was done unknowingly. Ideas can be similar, but if someone can prove their idea was created first they can sue for plagiarism.
  • Defamation: Defamation is damaging a person, business, product or group through spreading false information.
  • Copyright infringement: If someone reproduces or displays work that is protected by licensed copyright, they can be sued by the copyright holder. This is generally why you don’t see many mainstream brand products used in television shows, instead, food and beverage packaging in general.
  • Invasion of Privacy: This is the act of someone intruding into someone else’s personal life without consent.

Who Needs This Coverage?

This type of liability policy is generally sought out by anyone who’s producing content that gets disseminated through any media platform. This includes advertising agencies, broadcasters, film producers, publishers, public relations firms, online content providers, and authors. It’s recommended that any firms that are responsible for creating and distributing media content look into this coverage.

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