Insuring Your Sports Bar

Insuring Your Sports Bar

Managing risk is a must for any business owner. Sports bar and tavern coverage doesn’t really differ from bar and tavern coverage, but as a sports bar owner, your needs may be different than that of a nightclub or casual dining restaurant.

Know Your Coverage Types

When buying sports bar and tavern coverage make, sure all your bases are covered. General liability usually covers property damage, bodily injury, and illness-related issues that arise from the food and beverages being sold.

Don’t Assume Everything Is Covered

Property insurance will cover the building itself and the contents, but don’t count on your memorabilia or other unique items being covered. You’ll likely need separate coverage for that. Flood insurance is also sold as a separate policy.

Assess Your Crowd

Does your bar serve quite a bit of liquor and occasionally get rowdy? You’ll need liquor liability coverage no matter what, but check to make sure assault and battery coverage isn’t excluded from your sports bar and tavern coverage’s general liability policy. Even if your bar is relatively quiet, you don’t want to get stuck footing the bill for an expensive lawsuit.

For many people, owning a sports bar means realizing their dream. Make sure you’re protecting your investment with the right insurance policy.

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