Insuring Attorneys with Errors and Omissions Policies

Insuring Attorneys with Errors and Omissions Policies

As an insurance broker, you are always looking for ways to expand your client base. Offering certain policies can make your list of customers expand greatly. Attorneys Errors and Omissions policies, commonly called Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance, can provide the type and quantity of clients you desire. What can this do for you?

Help Attorneys

Attorneys do good work. They help citizens fight their legal battles. However, those legal battles can sometimes turn against the attorneys themselves. That is what Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance is for. It protects these lawyers from having to pay legal settlements out of pocket. This means that a firm won’t go under simply because one attorney made one mistake.

Bottom Line

Helping attorneys can be great for your bottom line as an agency. All lawyers need this type of insurance. While it may not be required by law, many lawyers know that it is something they need to protect themselves against their own mistakes and unhappy former clients. The fact that this policy is seen as a necessity means that, when you offer the best coverage, lawyers will seek you out and stick with your agency.

Being able to insure a lawyer or law firm against legal action is a wonderful experience. Providing Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance can be a boon for your agency because it is a policy that all lawyers need and everyone wants the best they can get. Because of these facts, this type of policy can do great things for your bottom line.

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