Insurance to Protect Your Cyber Network

Insurance to Protect Your Cyber Network

Insurance to Protect Your Cyber Network

The internet has changed the world and new technology continues to do so. However, with these advances comes greater risks for businesses. That’s why cyber security insurance was invented to protect your business from security breaches.

Cyber Risks for Your Business

Breaches in your cyber security can be bad for both your business and your customers. Criminal hacks and viruses can attack your network security to disrupt your operations, steal information and corrupt data. Cyber risks may relate to the following in your business:

Lost data

Stolen information

Consumer credit accounts

Computer malfunctions

Lately, companies have been boosting cyber security and adding insurance policies to commercial insurance to increase loss prevention measures. The dangers of cyber attacks to a network security system can damage your business reputation, leak consumer data and steal the trustworthy relationship your business built with customers and the industry. That’s why this type of insurance policy is so important for your business.

Cyber Insurance for Your Business

The types of policies you can choose from depending on your business structure. First party cyber insurance is for companies that are not in charge of network security. Third party insurance is for companies that operate system security, such as an IT firm. An agent can assess your risks and determine the scope of the cyber security insurance policy you need. That way, your business can be covered no matter where a cyber attack or risk comes from.

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