Insurance Social Media Marketing to Drive Client Recruitment

Insurance Social Media Marketing to Drive Client Recruitment

Social media is the driving force in today’s advertising economy, and to get the most out of it, it is integral to understand how it works for your company’s niche and demographics. For insurance companies, who can operate just as efficiently online as off, this presents a unique opportunity to gain customers and process them through to closing on a policy in one smooth action, if the company is prepared for it. Insurance social media marketing is the first step in that chain.

Messaging, Research, and More

Running social media for an insurance company is a little different from other products and services. Partly, this is because there are so many kinds of insurance that might be offered, and partly this is because the product is so personalized. Working with a marketing company that understands this and has experience with social media engagement techniques that work well for your industry means gaining these benefits:

  • Research that involves listening to your customer base, to better customize the content so that it is relevant to your target demographics.
  • Hands-off management of your social media to keep customers engaged without taking resources from your everyday operations.
  • Advertising design, implementation, and management on popular social media platforms.
  • Easy to navigate analytics that show you how your marketing plan is performing, with detailed breakdowns on click-through and conversion.
  • Expert advice and knowledge to help you understand what is working and to plan for consistent improvement.


Insurance social media marketing gives you a unique opportunity to capture people at a time when they might be able to take immediate action to secure a policy, and working with a strategic expert in the field can take your company to the next level.

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