Insurance for Benefits Fiduciaries

Insurance for Benefits Fiduciaries

One of the best ways to get the insurance that truly reflects the needs of your business is by working with an insurer who focuses on your industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a benefits management firm, the right insurer will bring knowledge of your industry that allows them to better advise you about your best options for complete coverage. When it comes to fiduciary liability insurance, this is important because there are a lot of claims that can arise against operators in this industry and employers alike when retirement benefits do not perform as expected, and the right insurance will protect you when that liability arises.

Conflicts of interest
Errors in eligibility determination
Failure to diversify
Negligent investment practices

Liability Insurance That Reflects Your Business Model

General commercial liability insurance can be bundled in with your industry-specific coverage, and that provides you with the specific language that reflects scenarios you will encounter, rather than boilerplate that might be open to differing interpretations inside and outside your company’s niche. That means you’ll have fewer misunderstandings about your policy, better coverage, and better information about whether you are missing important areas of coverage as you grow your business. Start working with a fiduciary liability insurance provider today and see the difference it makes for your company.

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