Is Your Insurance Carrier Committed to the PEO Industry?

Is Your Insurance Carrier Committed to the PEO Industry?

While you’re checking out the ratings for insurance providers that specialize in Staffing Insurance, you should also gauge just how committed they are to the PEO industry overall. While they might have the ratings that you’re looking for, they may not have the level of commitment that you and your organization need.


Questions to Ask Yourself


One of the best ways to determine how committed any insurance company is to the industry that they provide coverage for is to check out their references. Specifically, you’ll want to check with references that that they have been with over a long period of time so that you can get a well rounded idea of how they operate.


You should also take a long and honest look at the PEO insurance carrier’s mission and principles and see if they match your own. Just as you would only hire employees who share your vision, the same should apply for your insurance provider.


Angle on Advertising


Examine the carrier’s marketing brand awareness. Do they seem to be aware of the latest changes and trends taking in place in the PEO industry, or do they seem to be a few steps behind? Their advertisement plan can give you an indication of the type and depth of coverage that you’ll receive should you decide to allow them to insure you and your PEO.


Don’t be afraid to interview any PEO insurance companies that you are considering. Just as they need to get a better idea of your organization in order to personalize your insurance plan, you need to get a better idea of their business model to see how committed they are to your industry.

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