Human Resources Liability Exposure

Human Resources Liability Exposure

Your company’s human resources department is involved in almost every aspect of involving your company’s relationship with its workforce. When employees have a problem relating to their employment, they may seek assistance from your company’s HR department. If that department is unable to provide a remedy or if any aspect of personnel management is mishandled, your company could face a liability claim based on improper employment practices.

Employment Discrimination

Many HR employment liability claims by employees against their employers are based on discrimination. Source: Many people tend to think that discrimination refers to general mistreatment or unfairly disparate treatment. Legally, however, discrimination encompasses mistreatment based only on qualities that are protected by the federal constitution or your state’s constitution. Examples of constitutionally protected classes include those based on age, gender, religion, or disability.

Mitigating the Risk of Liability Claims

In addition to the thorough training of HR staff, it’s important for companies to periodically review their policies and procedures to help prevent the occurrence of employment liability claims. In addition, it may be advisable to consider outsourcing some of your company’s HR tasks to a company that is dedicated to HR operations. When your HR department has questions or concerns about a particular issue, the best course of action is to get legal or professional counsel.

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