How to Reduce Workers Compensation at Nursing Facilities

How to Reduce Workers Compensation at Nursing Facilities

Every job presents some risk of injury or danger. While many of these are common to all or similar lines of work, there are many that are unique to each industry. Nursing homes are no exception. However, there are ways you can reduce these risks and thus the money you spend on nursing facilities workers compensation plans and claims.

Recognize Risks

The first step is to recognize the duties and situations that present the most risk at your facility. Most should be common ones inherent in the job, but you may be surprised to find a few that are exceptionally high or only found at your facility. If you have such a discovery, it is a sign you need to make changes quickly so you don’t face a slew of claims that could have been prevented due to negligence or substandard safety.

Reduce Risks

Once you are aware of the tasks and scenarios that carry the most endangerment, you can make changes to reduce their danger. For example, lifting and moving patients is a common duty and high cause of job-related injury. Using mechanical lifts and other helpful equipment instead can significantly decrease the number and severity of accidents.

Have a Protective Plan

Although you can lower the chance of injury, you can’t completely eliminate it. Therefore, it is imperative you have a comprehensive, customized nursing facilities workers compensation plan to protect your facility and its employees. Your options will be more affordable thanks to taking precautionary steps.

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