How To Improve Trucker Industry Retention

How To Improve Trucker Industry Retention

Truck driver turnover tends to cost around $11,000 per driver. Here are a few ways to improve trucking industry retention in order to avoid this unnecessary expense.

Reward Excellent Performance

Drivers who are rewarded for their performance tend to stay with their company. Offer incentives to drivers based on the following factors.

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Days without a collision
  • Collision-free miles

Ask for Feedback (and Respond Accordingly)

All employees appreciate having their opinions heard (and acted upon). Request feedback to determine what is and what is not working. Consider establishing a committee that meets regularly in order to determine how to improve business for employees. Make sure employees know what channels are available for communication, whether it be phone, email, in person or another means.

Create a Strong Team

Train drivers on company policies, values, benefits and expectations. Create positive relationships with drivers by asking what each person’s career goals and needs are. Pair new drivers with peers who have considerable experience with your company. Consider creating team performance metrics alongside individual metrics in order to foster a sense of friendly competition.

It is important to keep employees happy so they will stay with your company for the long term. These are just a few ways to improve driver satisfaction and boost morale.

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