How to Choose the Right Boat Builders Insurance Programs

How to Choose the Right Boat Builders Insurance Programs

As a boat manufacturer, you may build more than boats. You could manufacturer other marine products, including accessories. Like any business, you need insurance coverage. Here is what you need to think about when choosing the right program.

Risk Factors

Due to the variation in the boat building industry, there are a variety of different coverages to cover the complex and unique risks. Here are some of the risk factors you may need to consider:

  • Your materials
  • Boat types
  • Your customer types (commercial or leisure)
  • The manufacturing facility sites
  • The number of employees you have
  • Repair services
  • Type of facility you run

Insurance Adviser

Since boat builders insurance programs are relatively complex, you may want an adviser to talk it over with you. Some of the programs are as follows:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Inventory coverage
  • Employee theft
  • Heavy equipment coverage
  • Commercial property coverage
  • Commercial liability
  • Products liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Excess liability

An insurance adviser can help walk you through all of the different programs. This allows you to choose what is best for you and your business.

When it comes to boat building, you need to be able to carry out your job without worrying about whether or not you’re covered. If you need help choosing the right boat builders insurance coverage, you should always talk with an insurance professional.

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