What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Many new homeowners want to know before they invest in a NJ homeowners insurance policy exactly what their insurance will cover. The answer to this is both simple and complex: it depends. While not mandatory, every homeowner can benefit from coverage. Needs differ, however, so what your insurance covers ultimately depends on your particular policy.


Big or Small, You Need Some Coverage


Whether you live in a mini-home or in a mansion, your home needs some coverage. Consider what would happen if your home was damaged, broken into, or vandalized. What would happen if the weather turned and blew away parts of your home, flooded every story, or a fire broke out? With an insurance policy and coverage for these things, you get financial help putting your home back together.


Everyone Is Different


Every homeowner and home is different with different needs. In some areas of the country your home is more at risk of catching fire than flooding. Some homes may be more exposed to wind damage than water damage. It all depends.


Cover Your Needs


Your NJ homeowners insurance policy can cover your needs. If you want protection from flooding caused by natural disaster, then make sure you get coverage. If you want protection in case your home is broken into and possessions are stolen, then select that coverage. What your policy covers depends on you, so ask your agent questions and make sure you get the coverage you really need.

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