Healthy Meals for Truckers

Healthy Meals for Truckers

You would never fill your tank with fuel that causes your truck to drive at only half the speed limit before sputtering to a stop. Yet many truck drivers consistently fill their own bodies with food lacking proper nutrition and then wonder why they lack energy. Give your body the same respect you give your semi by filling up with the following nutritious meal options.


Choose easy-to-prepare items like whole-grain bagels with low-fat cream cheese or low-sugar breakfast bars. If you enjoy coffee, check the label to be sure you are not drinking a creamer with trans fats; consider switching to plain half-and-half or to oat milk creamer.


Sandwiches made with whole-grain bread or wraps are a fresh alternative to hamburgers. Choose unprocessed meats, cheeses or nut butter with fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomato.


Put your mini microwave to good use by reheating portions of healthy frozen meals like fish or chicken with vegetables and rice. Soup or chili are also examples of simple, nutritious meals.

Think you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals on the road? The experts at suggest preparing meals a week in advance and storing them in reusable containers. Having healthy food on hand can keep you from succumbing to the temptation to eat fast food, and can keep your body performing at its best.

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