The Golden State of Boat Insurance in California

The Golden State of Boat Insurance in California

There are many options for boat insurance in the golden state of California depending on the type of boat, coverage needs, and boating locations. Boat insurance providers typically offer property and liability coverage for personal watercraft, sailboats, pontoons, houseboats, powerboats, yachts, and more.

Types and Costs of Boat Insurance

Some policies include property coverage for on-board equipment, such as fishing equipment and sails. Liability coverage typically covers boat-related injuries or damage to others’ property.

When shopping for boat insurance in California, look for opportunities to lower your costs. Some insurance providers offer premium discounts for safety equipment and training and extended lay-up periods—the times when you are not using your boat. Policy bundling can also reduce premium costs significantly.

Boat Insurance for Trips out of State

When purchasing boat insurance in California, consider where you are going to use your boat and whether you intend to take it into Mexico. Some insurance providers offer types of boat insurance that will protect your investment when you are in foreign waters. Even if you are only going boating for one day in Mexico, you likely need Mexican watercraft liability insurance.

Consult with an experienced boat insurance provider. Doing so can ensure that you have adequate coverage for your property and liability risks while boating throughout California and for boating trips out of the state or country.

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