Getting Collectible Car Insurance

Getting Collectible Car Insurance

Whether they’re original antiques or exotic sports cars, collectible cars are beautiful, fun, and beloved by hobbyists around the country. Unfortunately, though, these vehicles can still be vulnerable to accidents even if they’re driven rarely. This means that collectible car insurance is a must.


Collectable Vehicles


Many different kinds of collectable vehicles can be insured. Classic cars, motorcycles, or trucks are those that range from 15 to 20 years old, and can be original or modified. Antique cars, however, are completely original and are older than 25 years. Many other vehicles can be listed in the specialty category, such as military vehicles, vintage tractors, modified street rods, or brand new exotic cars.


Insurance Coverage


Insurance for collectible cars is important for a number of reasons. Even if they are only driven for the occasional car show or weekend jaunt, they have much higher values than other vehicles. This can both raise the cost of repairs and make them attractive targets for thieves and vandals. In addition, they are subject to the same accident potential that other cars have, and even more prone to breakdowns in the case of older antiques.


Monetary payments can’t make up for the collectable and historic value of unique cars, but insurance payments can help lessen the aftermath of a disaster by helping to pay for repairs and recovery. It’s absolutely essential that drivers and hobbyists have collectible car insurance.


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