FAQs About Film Production Risk Assessments

FAQs About Film Production Risk Assessments

Every set faces a film production risk. The good news is that you can take steps to protect your cast, crew, and company before you start shooting.

How Do You Ensure Safety During Film Production?

The first step is to establish mandatory safety procedures. Then, you can focus on drafting your risk assessment.

What Is a Risk Assessment?

Basically, it is a list of everything that could go wrong during a scene. You will review the finished product to establish whether you are doing everything you can to protect the cast.

What Does It Involve?

At its most basic form, it lists every potential hazard, the risk level, and the steps in place to protect the cast. You can create more complex versions to include the people who are in the most danger and the severity of injuries from a disaster.

Do You Need Special Training To Write One?

There is no special training or certifications required to perform a risk assessment. However, someone thorough must perform this task. Otherwise, something that is a hazard could be overlooked.

A risk assessment is not hard to do, and it will take great measures towards protecting your team. This will make the set much more enjoyable for you, your crew, and the cast.

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