Employee Benefits Insurance in Hartford CT

Employee Benefits Insurance in Hartford CT

Employee Benefits insurance was once a fairly straightforward component of running a company. Now it has become a complex and costly element for the majority of businesses and their employees. You want to provide your employees with affordable solutions yet remain within the financial budget of your company. Likewise, employees are seeking options to assist with investment security, retirement and medical expenses.

Navigating Through Program Options

Navigating through employee benefits insurance in Hartford CT requires an agency that understands what a competitive and effective Employee Benefits program can do for both the employer and employees. An insurance specialist can implement a program with an extensive array of options, including a Retirement Program and Voluntary Benefits, to address older and younger employees with different expectations and needs. Some Employee Benefit insurance plans include:

  • Group Health
  • Group Life
  • Group Dental
  • Vision Plans

Additionally, plans may be employer or employee paid, with options for IRS 125 setups and pre-tax payroll deductibles.

Maximize Choices for Employees

Depending on the type of plan you select, employees can choose optional coverage for financial education, legal services and identity theft. In fact, a full range of resources can help your employees maximize the benefits they receive on the job while addressing their overall investment portfolio.

An agency specializing in Employee Benefits insurance can help you design an ideal plan that fits your businesses needs, is cost-effective and keeps your employees healthy.

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