Don’t Leave Your Staffing Agency liable to Work Environment Claims

Don’t Leave Your Staffing Agency liable to Work Environment Claims

If you are operating a staffing agency, there are a number of daily activities that are out of your control. While you might take pride in your integrity and environment of equality, many of the businesses that your contract labor to may not behave up to your standards, but this can leave you open to significant repercussions based on actions outside of your control. By signing up for a comprehensive employment practices liability insurance policy you can protect yourself.

Who is covered?

These policies protect you against wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination claims brought by potential applicants or employees. While these are fairly standard for most corporations, you will want one that is specifically designed for staffing agencies. This will ensure that all your contract or temporary staffing employees are also covered even when the incident occurs off site.

What to Consider

You will want to make sure that you have your bases covered and look for coverage that includes an individual policy that separates deductibles and limits, a duty to defend, wrongful business environment coverage, deductible aggregate options. Also, look for an employment practices liability policy that covers you throughout the globe to cover you anywhere a claim may occur. The right policy can help protect you from events that you cannot control.

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