Dental Hygiene Liability Insurance Provides Comprehensive Coverage

Dental Hygiene Liability Insurance Provides Comprehensive Coverage

Dental hygienists are frequently the targets of malpractice lawsuits. While they most likely have insurance, they may not have enough coverage to pay their legal fees. By acquiring dental hygiene liability insurance, hygienists can secure the proper financial protection.

Why Do People File Malpractice Claims?

A hygienist could be sued for many reasons:

Like all medical professionals, dental hygienists are under intense scrutiny; one mistake could lead to devastating consequences.

Why Hygienists Need Liability Insurance

Many hygienists think that they are protected by their employer’s coverage. However, if they are the sole party being sued, then their employer’s insurance will be rendered useless. Moreover, if hygienists are sued based on an incident that took place during a volunteer assignment, they will also be without coverage. Dental hygiene liability insurance is a surefire form of protection. Hygienists are guaranteed coverage if they secure this type of policy.

Secure Coverage Today

Hygienists must understand the importance of having their own insurance policies. Dental hygiene liability insurance can protect their financial assets and cover their defense and settlement fees. This type of coverage is the most comprehensive form of protection that they can obtain.


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