Costs Associated With a Data Breach of Your Business

Costs Associated With a Data Breach of Your Business

Don’t you hate getting an email from a business telling you that you need to change your password or check your account because they were hacked? Now imagine if that was your business and you had to send that email to your valued customers. Not only would you be worried about your reputation, but you would also have to consider the time and money it’s going to take to clean up this mess, even if there aren’t any losses. Your business can’t afford to go without cyber security insurance in Carmel.

When your business data is compromised, you may have some or all of these expenses:

  • Forensic costs to determine how the breach occurred
  • Crisis management
  • PR fees
  • Customer notification
  • Credit card monitoring for customers affected by the breach
  • Legal expenses in the event you’re sued

The list could go on, because there’s no way of actually knowing what your losses will be until after a hack. Sometimes, it takes years before you realize there’s been a compromise. Cyber security insurance in Carmel is your peace of mind and security against data breaches. Your customers entrusted their sensitive data with your business. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to be eligible for their trust. Protect your business and your employees.

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