Considerations for Starting a Staffing Company

Considerations for Starting a Staffing Company

For anyone considering starting up a temporary/contract staffing company you probably need to know what’s involved in ensuring success in this new venture. The first step in opening a business is to incorporate in states in which you’ll be conducting business.

When consulting with your attorney on setting up your business as a corporation, make sure you put a layer of protection between your personal and business assets. You will also need to look into temporary staffing insurance, which is needed to protect your business and your employees.

Define your market

Most entrepreneurs that start a staffing company come from within the industry. Some have worked for other agencies as a branch or regional manager, recruiter, or sales professional. Others have owned a staffing company, sold their company, and then returned to open a new company. Whatever your background, defining a specialty staffing area can be the key to your success. Some occupations that offer good staffing opportunities are:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Admin/clerical
  • Light industrial
  • Healthcare
  • IT, or
  • Professional areas

You must define your area of focus. Depending on your personnel, it may be necessary to concentrate on one area first, and then branch out to others as you bring in industry experts from other areas.

Market your services

Once your business is set up, start marketing your services to potential clients. When you are getting started, you have to utilize any methods to pick up new business. Joining social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms is a great place to start. Use any existing contacts to leverage other contacts. Let everyone you know that you have a started a new business venture that you are excited about and want to share.

Find the best candidates and employees

With the advent of the Internet, social networks, job boards, etc., finding candidates has changed. Posting jobs online can generate a lot of interviewees. Be sure to vet out those that immediately don’t qualify for the positions for which you’re searching and have a rock-solid interview process in place, including check references.

Be sure to incorporate your business, define your market and strengths, market your services, obtain the most ideal candidates, and get the necessary Staffing Insurance and you should be ready to launch a successful business campaign.

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