Why You Should Consider Earthquake Insurance

Why You Should Consider Earthquake Insurance

If you live in an area where earthquakes occur, it is important to ensure that your assets are protected. Many traditional homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover this natural disaster, so you may need an additional plan, such as one from FGIB.com, for optimal protection.

There are three parts when it comes to basic earthquake insurance. The first is coverage for your dwelling. It covers the home up to a certain limit. In general, the limit is the same as the limit that you have on your homeowner’s insurance policy. This usually covers the home itself and not any landscaping, fences, separate buildings, pools or masonry.

The second part is coverage for your personal property. This covers the belongings inside your dwelling, such as your furniture, electronics, clothing and jewelry.

The third part covers loss or use or your additional living expenses. For example, an earthquake strikes and damages your home, leaving you unable to live in it until the repairs are made. This element of the insurance covers your rent or other fees to live elsewhere while the fixes are being made. The limit on this varies greatly.

You can consider this information and determine if an earthquake insurance policy is ideal for you. Just make sure that you get your policy from a reputable company, such as FGIB.com.

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