Components of Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Components of Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Those who own or operate an auto repair business are required to carry insurance to cover a variety of problems that may arise. Generally, you can create a comprehensive policy for your business through a combination of basic insurance policies. However, it is often simpler and more cost effective to take out a comprehensive auto repair shop insurance policy. An auto repair shop insurance policy covers all the insurance expenses that are likely to arise over the course of operating your business. Here are some of the common riders.




Liability insurance covers accidents, injuries, and oversights that affect customers and other visitors at your shop. These include everything from a slip and fall accident inside the shop itself, to a repair oversight that caused an auto accident later on.




Auto insurance covers company cars in your vehicle fleet as well as vehicles that are in the shop for repair. If a vehicle is damaged while in your possession, a special insurance policy can cover it.




Working in an auto shop is a relatively dangerous profession, which is why workers compensation insurance is important. It protects your mechanics if they are accidentally injured during the course of their regular duties.


Having an auto repair shop insurance policy that combines all your insurance needs into a single package is a smart idea for any successful shop.

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