Common Occupational Hazards in the Cleaning Industry

Common Occupational Hazards in the Cleaning Industry

Every company needs to be attentive to their employees’ health and safety. Workers’ wellness is especially important for cleaning companies. Employees need to be in good physical condition in order to perform basic job functions. Training initiatives and policies aimed at creating safe working conditions can help protect workers against some of the most common injuries in the cleaning industry.


Slip and falls are one of the top risks for cleaning companies. When workers are walking on a wet surface, they must constantly exercise care to avoid slipping. Non-slip footwear can be effective in reducing the risk of a fall.

Chemical Burns

Some chemicals that cleaners use can cause burns which may lead to infection. A chemical burn to the eye can have especially serious and long-lasting consequences. Personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles can help to prevent these types of injuries.

Upper Respiratory Damage

Inhalation of cleaning chemicals can be extremely hazardous. Cleaning companies need to provide workers with comprehensive safety information about the products that they use. They should also evaluate the respiratory hazards associated with certain chemicals when deciding which products to use.

Ultimately, some of the most common injuries that cleaners experience on the job may be preventable. Companies must make workers’ safety paramount in their core mission and operating practices.

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