Commercial Insurance Policy Options

Commercial Insurance Policy Options

Business owners understand the risks involved in doing business. Unforseen catastrophes or weather events may shut down operations indefinitely. Unhappy clients can sue for a variety of reasons as well.

Business Insurance Considerations

It is wise to invest in an insurance package that encompasses the biggest risks faced by your industry. A commercial package policy can be written to include those risks in one comprehensive plan. Talk with your insurance agent about the CPP insurance claims most common to your business type.

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

The typical commercial insurance plan includes the following considerations:

  • Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Most states require some form of workers’ compensation to protect your employees if they are injured while working on behalf of the company. Medical bills and a percentage of wages are covered under this insurance. When the employee signs up for this coverage during the hiring process, they also waive their right to sue the company for any injuries incurred.
  • General Liability Protection – This plan protects your business from claims made by clients if they are injured on your premises. It also covers damages to a client’s property.
  • Commercial Property Coverage – If your building is damaged by a devastating weather event or fire, the package will pay for the costs to renovate.

Protect your business with a comprehensive commercial package policy.

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