What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

New Jersey commercial auto insurance, also called commercial vehicle insurance, is designed for companies that operate multiple vehicles used by employees. It covers virtually any type of vehicle include autos, trucks and vans. This type of insurance provides important financial protection just like personal auto insurance. There are a variety of circumstances and items it covers.

Medical Expenses

Many New Jersey commercial auto policies cover medical cost incurred including hospital stays, doctor consultations and rehabilitation for drivers and passengers. No fault insurance covers medical expenses regardless of who caused the accident.

Bodily injury liability

A bodily injury liability policy covers injuries suffered as well as death that may occur from auto accidents your employees cause and typically also pays for legal defense expenses.

Uninsured Motorists

Uninsured motorists insurance compensates your employees for injuries they sustained and sometimes property damage caused by uninsured motorists. Accidents involving hit and run motorists are also covered. This type of policy may also pay for damage caused by underinsured drivers.


Collision coverage pays for costs associated with fixing vehicles when your employees hit someone or something or are hit by other objects.
These are only three examples of what New Jersey commercial auto insurance covers. There are many others. It is vital for any companies that have employees who conduct business while driving their vehicles.


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