Carrying Sufficient Insurance For Volunteer Work

Carrying Sufficient Insurance For Volunteer Work

As a nonprofit or similar organization, you are almost certainly familiar with the value of volunteers. Depending on the type of institution, volunteers may be called on to do all sorts of work, from data collecting, to transportation, to taking care of individuals, and more. Of course, it is important to remember that additional people working for the organization comes with additional liabilities. For this reason, it is essential to carry adequate insurance for volunteer work, to ensure that your organization is well-protected in the event of any incident.

What Coverages Are Necessary With Respect To Volunteers?

In almost every case, volunteers are bound to add to the richness of your organization, helping it to fulfill crucial functions and playing a vital part in your work. Of course, incidents and accidents do happen. Some possible examples involving volunteers include:

  • A volunteer injuring him or herself on site
  • A volunteer injuring him or herself, or company property, while assisting with transportation needs
  • Theft or embezzlement by a volunteer

These are only a few examples that could constitute a serious liability. If your organization relies heavily on volunteers, it is essential to speak to an experienced insurer to enact a comprehensive policy of coverage. This will help ensure that volunteers can do their best work, without concerns of potential risk to your organization.

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