Bundle Up

Bundle Up

Save money by bundling all of your commercial insurance protection into one policy. A commercial package policy gives you all the protection you want, without the coverage that you do not need. Here are some reasons why bundling up may be for you and your business.

The Basic Option

For small and medium business that do not have an expansive exposure to risk, a basic package of general liability and property coverage is what you need. This would cover you for damage or loss to your place of business, the equipment, contents, and personal property at the business location. Business interruption insurance is also a vital part of basic coverage.

The Package

If you are a small to medium business with industry and location specific risk exposures, a commercial package policy can meet your needs. You can customize your commercial package policy to add coverage such as auto, crime, and equipment breakdown in addition to your liability and property coverage.

Unexpected Additions

Are you covered for drain and sewage backup? That should be a real coverage consideration if you are operating a restaurant. What about protection against flooding? You can add that as additional coverage to protect against the unexpected.

A business insurance professional can help you identify what risks you may want to bundle coverage for. Your custom commercial package policy will be just what you need.

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