A Brief Guide to Construction General Liability Insurance

A Brief Guide to Construction General Liability Insurance

If you run a construction business, you probably anticipate how many things can go wrong on any given day. That is why you need insurance coverage that can help you prevent mistakes and mishaps from leading to serious consequences for your business. You can find construction general liability insurance that covers:

  • Your workers
  • People injured on site
  • Damage

Covering Employees

It is essential that everyone you hire is covered by your company’s insurance plan. It may be tempting to hire inexpensive subcontractors, but the work is too risky to deal with employees who are uninsured. Your policy can cover injury to employees while they are working or if they are on the site.

Other Injuries

If someone wanders onto the construction site and is injured, your company could be liable even though it isn’t technically your fault. That is why you need construction general liability insurance to cover injuries sustained by anyone in the area that isn’t involved in the work.

Your Work

If something your company builds falls apart and causes injury to someone or damages property, you need to make sure your company is protected. You can find a policy that will cover any expenses that can result from the work process or something you have built. Look for individual and package policies for your construction company and rest easy knowing that you have sufficient insurance.

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