A BOP May Be the Ideal Solution for Your Enterprise’s Risk Management

A BOP May Be the Ideal Solution for Your Enterprise’s Risk Management

As a business owner, you must balance many different factors to protect your enterprise against major financial losses. Insurance can be a complex, difficult field to navigate, but you needn’t do it alone. Your Orange insurance agent is here to provide guidance and recommend optimal solutions for your company. You may find that a business owners package, or a BOP, can be the perfect product to minimize potential financial disaster from unexpected occurrences.

What Is a BOP?

Simply put, a BOP is bundled coverage tailored to address most types of risks common in your industry. Typically, it includes property policies that usually cover your buildings and their contents, and in some cases also shields against excessive financial losses should personal effects and equipment be affected as well. The liability piece usually deals with claims such as accidents and injuries on your company premises as well as resulting from actions by your employees or other authorized agents. Finally, many BOPs also include business interruption insurance, which kicks in when you’re forced to shut down operations due to weather, theft, fire or other unexpected damage.

Talk to Your Orange Insurance Agent

A BOP can be a powerful solution to stave off thousands, if not millions, of dollars in losses resulting from unforeseen events. A sound risk management strategy can mean the difference between staying in business and going under. Your agent can help steer you to the best solutions.

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