How to Best Offer Transit Insurance to Clients

How to Best Offer Transit Insurance to Clients

Goods in transit insurance is often overlooked by traditional insurers due to the complexity and unique risks this coverage area presents to them. As an agent or broker who wants to serve their clients in the best way possible, knowing how you can offer this type of insurance to those who need it can increase their satisfaction while boosting your book of business at the same time.

Replace Worry and Complexity With Peace of Mind

Underwriters that offer goods in transit insurance solutions as a resource know how important peace of mind can be. Agents and brokers now have the tools to help their clients insure their goods in transit against damage, loss, legal liability during transportation or storage in a warehouse, and more. There are also coverages for high-value and over sized cargo that traditional insurers are typically unwilling to offer. With these options, your clients can breathe a little easier knowing that their valuable cargo is protected from the beginning to the end of its journey.

Transit Insurance Keeps Your Book of Business Growing

In addition to being an excellent service for your clients, offering goods in transit insurance is also a great way to grow your own business portfolio. Clients know when they are being taken care of, and when you offer them cost-effective solutions that limit their liability exposure, they’re usually happy to refer more clients that need the same—just don’t be afraid to ask.

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