Auto Insurance Policies for Teen Drivers in Connecticut

Auto Insurance Policies for Teen Drivers in Connecticut

Adding a teen driver to your Connecticut auto insurance policy can be tricky. There are definitely some specific steps that you will need to take in order to get this done right. Here are some of the things that you need to know about adding a young new driver to your auto insurance policy.

It Is Required

It is required for every licensed driver living in your home to be insured. Whether your teenager is driving your car or his or her car, it doesn’t matter. If they live in your home part time or full time, they need to be insured.

Give Them the Cheapest One

If you have several cars at your home, you might not think much about which car to give your teenager to use. However, for insurance purposes, it is best to give them the one that is cheapest to insure.

Ask About Discounts

If your teenager is a straight A student, there may be a discount available to them. In addition to good student discounts, bundling multiple policies with the same company might also save you significantly.
Having a teen driver in your home can mean freedom for you, but it also can feel nerve wracking to have your babies behind the wheel car all of a sudden. Make sure they are protected with sufficient Connecticut auto insurance.

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