How to Apply For Employment Practices Liability Insurance

How to Apply For Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Most business owners understand that their first line of defense when it comes to hiring employees and dealing with customers is having the right amount of insurance coverage. Employment practices liability provides some of the most basic coverage that you might need in case an issue of discrimination or harassment arises from an employee or a customer. To apply for this insurance, you just need to analyze your needs, fill out the application, and submit the required items for review.


Analyze Your Needs


You will want to consider the size of your company and the number of employees when you choose your policy. You may want to consult with an insurance agent in order to ask about customizable options. One policy might be great for one company, but require a little fine-tuning to meet the needs of another.


Fill Out the Application


When you decide where you want to apply for coverage, you will most likely need to fill out an application. Many applications can be completed online these days, but make sure you mail one in if it is required.


Submit the Required Items


You might have to submit items in addition to the application. This could include what your company is currently valued for and your carrier loss runs for the last few years. Some providers may also ask for a copy of your employee handbook for review.


If your company doesn’t have an employment practices liability policy, start looking for one today. It’s a smart way to protect your company.


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