A Trusted Name in Relocation Services Coverage

A Trusted Name in Relocation Services Coverage

Every industry is plagued with risks, and mitigating those risks is just one way to help a business remain profitable and competitive. In the storage, relocation, and transportation industries, Transguard is a leader in insurance solutions. Insurance provides the financial resources needed to address claims that may arise from customer or employee injury, loss, or other damage.

Work With an Authority

Established in 1973, Tranguard is a proud member of the IAT Insurance Group. Known for the specialization of coverage areas it offers, Transgaurd is a widely trusted name among independent contractors in the trucking industry and the insurance brokers that secure policies for truckers in need.

The Liabilities of Relocation Services

Relocations services cover a lot of ground, and one insurance policy isn’t enough to address the serious risks present. Commercial liability concerns require coverage, but the nature of relocation makes it difficult to use a general commercial liability for protection. Brokers that are able to procure specialized policies for truckers can address property damage, crime and umbrella concerns, and cargo and warehouse liability though a transit insurance program. This extends the nature of insurance coverage across state or county lines.

Don’t let your services be subject to a limited policy with little assistance if a claim is brought against you. There are limited coverage options for truckers in the relocation industry, but Transguard truck insurance can fill this gap.

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