5 Ways to Lower your Auto Insurance Premiums

5 Ways to Lower your Auto Insurance Premiums

Owning and operating a car can be expensive for most drivers. Luckily, you can lower your insurance premiums to save money. These five suggestions may reduce your VA auto insurance costs while protecting you out on the road.

   1.Bundle Up

Most insurance companies have incentives for clients who bundle their policies. If you have renters, homeowners, and auto insurance, you may be able to lower your premiums.

   2.Be Basic

Take a look at the age and condition of your car to decide if you need collision and comprehensive coverage. You can talk with a VA auto insurance agent to look at the value of your car and your policy to see you have more coverage than you need.

   3. Get Credit

Did you know your credit score can affect your insurance premiums? Be sure to review your credit report for accuracy to see if it has any impact on your policy.

   4. Be Safe

Nothing can make your insurance premiums increase quite like a bad driving record. If you have a lot of tickets or accidents, you can expect to pay more for your VA auto insurance.

5. Raise Up

You may want to increase your deductible if your premiums are too high. That way, you can pay less up front for your car insurance. Just be aware you may have to pay more when you file a claim.

If you want more information about lower your insurance costs, talk to your agent for ideas to save you money.


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