3 Ways Nightclubs Can Prevent Sexual Assault

3 Ways Nightclubs Can Prevent Sexual Assault

While a night out can lead to dancing, singing, drinking, and meeting old and new friends alike, it can also lead down a darker path. Under the disguise of beer goggles and dark lights, it’s easy for sexual predators to make a move unnoticed. In order to ensure that your nightclub is a safe space that fosters naught but fond memories, be sure to take some fundamental steps toward protecting your patrons from sexual assault.

1. Create Open Floor Plans

Hallways, nooks, and hidden rooms all create a welcoming environment for sexual assault. Rather than allowing spaces which are conducive for sneaking around and hiding, make sure your floor plan remains open enough that all corners of the establishment are visible, no matter where you’re standing.

2. Implement Deterrents

Just like anti-theft signs, anti-harassment posters can hang outside and throughout venues as a means of reminding customers that the policy will be enforced. Including security cameras, as well as signs highlighting them, can discourage sexual harassment.

3. Train Employees

Make sure all employees know what to look out for when it comes to spotting and stopping sexual assault in real time. Having policies in place can take some of the pressure off employees, however, should it become necessary to confront a patron about their behavior.

Despite ample precautions, sexual assault in nightclubs may never be fully eliminated, but taking preventive measures is the first step toward diminishing its frequency as well as its impact.

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