3 Unique Ways To Use Your Pilot’s License

3 Unique Ways To Use Your Pilot’s License

You earned your pilot’s license to take off into the clouds and soar with the eagles. If you find yourself longing for more flying time than the occasional jaunt, here are three unique ways to use your pilot’s license.

Tour Guide

Sharing your passion for the skies and the breathtaking vistas is a great way to expand your hobby or even begin a business venture. As with all things aviation, there are regulations to follow and things like airport liability to purchase, but the payoff is sharing something you love with others.

Sick Transportation

Pilots can log flying hours and give back to the community by provide flights for sick patients in rural areas who need the services of major hospitals elsewhere. It may be emotionally challenging to encounter seriously ill patients, but it is truly rewarding.

Aerobatics Performance

If you’re an adventurous soul, the world of airplane stunts or aerobatics can be an exhilarating new way to stretch your skill set. Whether for fun or as part of a show, you’ll need access to specially designed planes and a skilled instructor. The easiest way to find your way to both is by joining an aeronautics club.

You worked hard to get your pilot’s license because you simply love to fly. However, you should consider your license the ticket to new adventures.

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