3 Types of Coverage To Consider When Insuring Hotels

3 Types of Coverage To Consider When Insuring Hotels

When you own and operate a hotel, there are numerous situations that can lead to possible lawsuits. Because of a hotel’s possible scope of operations, there is an increased risk for property damage and injury when compared to other industries. That is why business owners often consider these three types of coverage when insuring hotels that they manage. 

1. Commercial General Liability

What happens when a third party causes damage to your hotel? To protect your business against a wide range of personal injury and property damage that others may cause, it is essential to carry commercial general liability coverage. This insurance is necessary for hotels of all sizes. 

2. Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Think about all of the equipment your hotel uses from the kitchen and gym to the laundry room. Equipment breakdown coverage is another essential to have if you want to protect HVAC systems, walk-in freezers, security systems and other equipment necessities that can be costly to repair or replace. 

3. Liquor Liability Insurance

For hotels that serve alcohol, another type of insurance worth your consideration is liquor liability coverage. Because damages can result from serving, selling and consuming alcohol, this coverage protects against numerous types of alcohol-related accidents. 

In general, hotels face numerous liability risks. Understanding more about your coverage options can help you protect your investment. 

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