3 Times Your Company Should Conduct Drug Testing

3 Times Your Company Should Conduct Drug Testing

While drug testing may seem to undermine trust among workers, it is an excellent way to help maintain workplace safety. Here are three times when every company should consider using drug testing. 

1. Before Hiring any New Employees

Asking an applicant to undergo a drug test may seem like an insult, it is your responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. It is also much more cost-effective to find a problem now rather than later. That is why pre-employment drug testing is one of the most common work comp tips you will hear. 

2. After a Workplace Accident or Injury

A substantial number of workplace accidents happen while the worker is under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance. Post-accident drug testing is a common way to determine if substance use played a role in the incident. It is an excellent component of the post-accident reporting and investigation process. After all, employees who pass pre-hire screening can later develop a drug dependency. 

3. As Routine Screenings

Many companies have a random testing policy. This can be a useful tool for discouraging recreational drug use since workers are always at risk of being selected.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask employees to be screened for drugs. in certain situations. Some of the most common are as part of a pre-employment screening process, after an accident or injury, and as random screens to discourage recreational use. 

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