3 Key Coverages Included with Hazardous Materials Transportation Insurance

3 Key Coverages Included with Hazardous Materials Transportation Insurance

Resources and manufactured goods make their way across the country because of the hard-working men and women who drive trucks. Some of those loads include substances that can cause grave harm if leaked, and hazardous materials transportation insurance can cover some of the effects when that happens, including these three key coverages.


Road accidents are a risk for anyone traveling the highways, but it’s particularly complicated when involving large vehicles carrying caustic or dangerous substances. Insurance policies for hazardous materials transportation provide liability and property damage while in transit similar to other vehicle insurance.


When the contents of a hazardous load are leaked or spilled, contamination of the surrounding area requires additional care. Having the proper insurance will pay for expert cleanup and response that is necessary when these incidents occur.


Pollution is similar to contamination in that both are a result of hazardous materials leaving their container, but pollution involves biological damage as well. Certain chemical compounds are known carcinogens and can cause cancer and other bodily harm, and lawsuits associated with exposures due to spills can be covered under a hazardous materials transportation policy.

Every day, trucks packed with hazardous materials crisscross the nation on America’s roadways. It’s important for businesses who perform this vital function to carry the right coverage to protect the public and the company from liability exposures due to spills or leaks.

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