3 Easy Steps to Getting a Dog Liability Insurance Quote

3 Easy Steps to Getting a Dog Liability Insurance Quote

It may come as a shock to find out your expensive home owners insurance may not cover damages incurred from a dog bite or attack. Though you hope for the best from your pet, it’s often best to be prepared. When it comes to dog liability insurance quotes, there are usually only three easy steps needed to find the perfect policy for you.

1. Personal Information

Personal, family and community demographical information may be requested. The questions are often basic, so you likely have this information memorized or on hand. Questions may also be asked about your home and habits to help provide a picture of your dog’s surroundings.

2. Dog Details

This step is likely going to be the most exhaustive of the process, but it still shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Insurers will likely ask for the following details about your dog:

  • Breed and physical measurements
  • Daily routine
  • Established attack history

3. Additional Insured Information

Many canine liability insurers cover additional people or entities, such as landlords and employers. When you choose to insure an additional person, his or her basic personal information may be needed. Requirements may even be limited to contact information only.

Dog liability insurance quotes can seem daunting. Most homeowners and renters don’t know they need this type of insurance until it’s required by a community owner. However, with just basic information on hand, you can get a quote for insurance that will keep you and your dog covered no matter what.

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