3 Considerations for Estate Agent Drone Photography

3 Considerations for Estate Agent Drone Photography

In today’s real estate market, agents are constantly looking for new ways to showcase properties and gain more clients with their marketing efforts. One innovative method that many agents have started turning to is the use of drones for taking photos. While these devices can offer incredible potential for capturing shots, there are some estate agent drone photography considerations to keep in mind.

1. Choosing a Camera

If you have not already been looking, there is a wide selection of different drone cameras to invest in on the market right now. With that said, it is important to choose a camera that fits your needs. When shopping, consider the overall quality, battery life, flight modes and payload options.

2. Obtaining a License

Before you can even purchase a drone, however, you need to obtain a license and check your local, state and federal laws. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration has regulatory standards that require licensure for commercial uses and local ordinances sometimes have bans in place.

3. Protecting Against Liabilities

Something else to consider when using a done for real estate is the possibility of running into liability issues. If a nearby neighbor feels that your drone is violating their privacy, you may have problems. For this reason, insurance coverage is also smart to have.

Drones offer the real estate industry a lot of potential for photography. These tips can make the experience as rewarding as possible for your agency.

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