2 Types of Insurance Every Motel Needs

2 Types of Insurance Every Motel Needs

Motel insurance coverage in Nashville, Tennessee is an essential part of your business operation. These plans guard your establishment against multiple risks. It not only helps protect your bottom line but also your employees and customers. The policies are customizable to suit your motel’s size, clientele and services. With that said, there are two essential coverage types you need.

General Liability Coverage

This basic program protects you against lawsuits as well as claims for business or product-related injuries and losses. Motel insurance in Nashville, Tennessee may also incorporate other forms of coverage. For example, if you run a restaurant as part of your operation, you can include food borne liability, liquor liability and event cancellation to your policy.


Property Coverage

Business interruption and equipment breakdown are components of this coverage. With the former, you’re guarded against income loss. For instance, if the motel shuts down due to remodeling, your overhead expenses, such as wages and rent are covered. With the latter, costs for equipment repairs or replacement are taken care of. It covers every equipment type from computers to copiers.

Motel insurance in Nashville, Tennessee helps you protect your most valuable assets – customers, employees and property. With the right coverage, you can maintain a peace of mind knowing you’re equipped to handle any unforeseen risk.


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