Dog Attacks: An Unforeseen Responsibility of a Dog Owner

Dog Attacks: An Unforeseen Responsibility of a Dog Owner

Having a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences. After all, dogs are known as mans best friend thanks to how they assist, comfort and protect their humans. During a dogs typical lifespan, which on average can be beyond a decade, it is sometimes hard to imagine that a good-natured animal could ever go against its everyday demeanor.

However, there are many environmental and situational factors that can cause an animal to act out of character. These can lead to unexpected injuries for which the owner could be held responsible, which is why liability insurance for dogs is something to consider. A dogs potential to inflict harm on others can be especially heightened such as in the following circumstances:

  • If a dog is territorial and another animal or person oversteps boundaries
  • If a stressful situation pushes a dog to become agitated
  • If a dog perceives that its possessions will be taken
  • If it believes its puppies or companions will be harmed

Whether you are dealing with a lap dog or a guard dog, the potential for a dog to attack still exists under conditions which cannot always be controlled. Having liability insurance for dogs is just one of the ways one can increase peace of mind knowing that if a situation like that were to ever occur, that it would be much more financially manageable.

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