The Importance of Boat Insurance

The Importance of Boat Insurance

In 2014, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, boating accidents increased by 0.05 percent from 2013. This doesn’t sound like very much, but the number of deaths went up by 8.9 percent and injuries increased 2.2 percent. While many of these deaths are attributed to the fact that people were not wearing a life jacket, it’s startling that so many people are being injured on boats. If you own a boat of any kind, it’s vital that you have enough boat insurance in Virginia to protect your own assets.

If your boat is damaged in an accident, you cannot rely on the other person to have adequate insurance to cover the cost of repairs to your property or to pay for the medical bills of your passengers. While many individual lakes and marinas require boat insurance in Virginia, you cannot rely on every boat to have adequate coverage or coverage at all.

No matter where you boat or in what type of vessel, you have to be aware of the dangers. As with any vehicle on the road, with a water accident, if you are found to be liable you will be required to pay for damages, both medical and personal property. Your boat insurance in Virginia is there to protect your finances and your loved ones. Don’t take a risk by not having the coverage that keeps you safe.

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