The Complexities of Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability

The Complexities of Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability

When you’re on the road with your truck, anything can happen. If something damages the cargo in your vehicle, you are liable for not getting the load to its destination on time. While acts of God or acts of the public authority may mitigate your liability, most of the problems that you face when you’re delivering your cargo will be your responsibility. You will be the one who pays for any losses, unless you have the right insurance.

When purchasing motor truck cargo legal liability insurance, it is very complex. The destination and the type of goods that are being transported are just two of the factors that go into determining how the policy will be underwritten. Your contract with the shipper is another. Certain types of cargo have different exclusions and limitations for certain types of activities. Alcohol, for instance, is a high-risk cargo. If your truck is stolen while it is unprotected, even with insurance, you may not be covered. It’s important to understand your responsibilities and the limits of each policy.

Motor truck cargo legal liability insurance protects you against losses that could financially cripple your company if you don’t have it. It is an important policy that makes up your business insurance portfolio. However, it should be underwritten by an experienced insurance agent so that you have confidence you are protected no matter what happens to the cargo in your care.

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