Specialty Professional Liability for Architects

Specialty Professional Liability for Architects

Architects face complex design components when developing a project. Not only do you have to be concerned about building codes, regulations, and zoning requirements, but you also have the client’s needs to take into account. Even if you strive for perfection, it is still possible to make a tiny mistake that means costly delays or threats to the safety of the inhabitants. You have the responsibility to have the insurance that covers your professional liability for architects.

Your errors and omissions insurance covers your risk when you don’t meet client specifications. Your client may believe you did not fulfill the promises you made. It may be a simple miscalculation of time, and they can’t move in when they wanted. You could be blamed for a careless design that allowed mold or mildew to develop when water damage occurs. Even miscommunications between the builder and design team opens you to complaints. In this litigious society, you don’t want to leave yourself open to lawsuits without good professional liability coverage.

Your insurance coverage needs to identify your company’s risks and provide specific coverage to protect your business. It’s important to work with an insurance company that knows your industry and takes the time to discuss your business for professional liability for architects that keeps your risks low. Customize the coverage for your company. Have peace of mind when a complaint is made that you won’t be financially crippled.


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