Protect Your Business with Construction Insurance

Protect Your Business with Construction Insurance

Whether it’s small homes or massive skyscapers, construction is one industry that moves our communities forward. But with significant liability exposure, contractors often need more protection than commercial liability insurance provides.

Why Do Contractors Need Specific Insurance?

If you are a New Jersey contractor, you know all of the risks involved in the construction industry. With heavy machinery, employees and many types of building materials, there are many moving parts in the industry that can cause significant exposure to risk. That’s what makes looking for a Newton construction insurance agency so important.

How Does It Work?

While any business is best served by having general commercial liability insurance, there are also specific policies aimed at the unique risks prevalent in construction. For those who also do work in design, there are riders to cover oversights or mistakes that can damage the integrity of a structure. There are policies to cover pollution liability or provide protection for your supplies and equipment against theft or damage at a worksite. Working with a Newton construction insurance agency broker will help provide guidance on risks your construction company needs to protect against, customizing your policy to your business.

Contractors who want to protect their businesses and employees should consider looking for a Newton construction insurance agency.


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