What Omissions Insurance Covers

What Omissions Insurance Covers

If you work as an insurance agent, it may be hard to believe that you may just need a bit of insurance yourself to protect yourself from potential legal ramifications on the job. Like other highly technical positions, an error or omission’s in your line of work can land you in some seriously hot water. That’s why having omissions insurance for insurance agents is a must in this line of work. These services keep you covered in a wide variety of risky situations, including:

  • Oversights or mistakes in communication between yourself or your employees and clients.
  • Issues where a client refuses your advice and a loss happens as a result of their oversight.
  • Problems that result when a client experiences a loss and claims not to have been aware of any policy that affects the coverage your business offers them.
  • Almost any situation in which you’d be otherwise required to pay for defense costs.

The litigation process is expensive, and in your line of work, at least one of these issues is bound to arise sooner or later. That’s why having omissions insurance for insurance agents on your side is a must in the coming months and years. Speaking with a professional is a quick process, and can help save your business a huge amount of trouble in the years to come.

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